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Meet the Editor


"I've lived a gypsy life. Constantly moving from one place to the next, but as long as I have a book I'm home." -Jennifer Tovar 


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Jennifer Tovar, Editor and Owner

I come from a long and proud line of military wives. Raised as an Army Brat, I am all too familiar with packing up the family and moving to the next, new, and exciting destination.

I currently live in Kentucky with my husband, two daughters, and our two dogs, the Beast and the Sassy Brat. One of them thinks they are a lapdog. I'll give you a hint: it’s not the small one. 

I have a steady book-a-day habit, which I have never contemplated seeking help for. 

I have a quick wit, am usually the first to laugh, obsessively collect novelty mugs, and have a severely unhealthy love of puns. Seriously the cornier the better!

I have also been known to speak in song lyrics and am a crafting queen.


Why do I love to edit?

I love being able to completely immerse myself and get lost in a story. I know how much work goes into pouring out your heart and creativity into your writing and I want to help you make the absolute most of it. I take pride in my work as an editor and I love being able to help play a part in perfecting your masterpiece.