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What are my prices?

Essays, Blog Posts, Articles, Newsletters

For a flat monthly fee I will edit and proofread your essays, blog posts, articles and newsletters. The monthly fee will guarantee you unlimited proofreading and editing with a rapid turnaround time. I have been able to get these essays and blog posts back to my clients within a few hours. This is strictly a month to month service. If you need me one month but not the next, no problem. The price for this service is $75.00.


I charge $.0040 per word for proofreading. Any quote given will include word count as well as the amount of time needed to complete one round of proofing. Proofing includes only one round of proofing. If you need an additional round I would suggest a full round of edits. Please check out the Types of Editing page for more details on what this service includes.

Line Edits

I understand the time and monetary commitment it takes to self publish your work. As such, I keep my prices reasonable and I am open to working out a payment plan with you. All Line Editing will include two rounds of editing.  My prices are dependent upon word count ($.0070 per word, as is the industry standard), amount of editing needed, project length, and type of editing requested (Line Edits, Content, Developmental). Prices can range between $100.00 - $1000.00. I keep my rates very reasonable, because at the end of the day I am just an indie fangirl at heart. I love this community and I want to see you and your book succeed. I will preform a sample edit of a selection of your work first, before we negotiate a final price.

Developmental Edits

I will read the story with the following focuses in mind: character development, plot, pacing, story arc, description, genre tropes, writing style. Developmental editing does not include corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Your returned manuscript will contain comments using Microsoft Word’s commenting function. The price for this service is $.005 a word

Beta Reading

Still working on your masterpiece but need some constructive criticism? The price for this service is $.003 a word, (with a $45 minimum for works 15k words or less). There is no editing preformed with this service. However, if I beta read your manuscript and you want me to edit the same project, I will place the beta reading fee towards your editing balance. Reading time takes approximately three weeks from the time that payment and materials are received. Please note that reading times can vary depending on how busy I am. 

If you want guaranteed two week delivery, a rush fee will be included in your quote.

Rush Turn around

Need a quick turnaround on your project? There will be a 20% rush fee.


I accept all payments through Paypal. Payment plans are available. All prices must be paid in full before I will release any editorial or beta reading work to the author.