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Krista Holly, Author

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer since I first decided to publish Wanted. I stumbled across her website through another author’s recommendation and couldn’t be more happy with my decision to work with her. I really struggled connecting with other editors, but working with Jennifer is like working with a friend. She knows when to kick my ass and I’m totally grateful for that! At first I was so lost and had no idea what I was doing, but Jennifer put me at complete ease. She beta read for me first and then slayed the editing, really perfecting my story. When I had a freak-out moment she was there to squash my anxiety and help guide me, which was something I needed being new to the indie publishing world. I highly recommend Gypsy Heart Editing for you book needs! You won’t regret it! 

Kelly Collins, Author

Jennifer Tovar has been beta reading for me for almost as long as I’ve been writing. Her insights and inputs are invaluable. She’s has been instrumental in helping me develop my stories and characters. The bonus for me is that Jennifer Tovar is also a skilled editor. I’d be insane not to use her as a beta reader, but more importantly she’s always motivated and willing to lend an ear, her time and her red pen. I’m humbled by her commitment and dedication to supporting authors and their work.

Stephanie Smith, Author

I have used Jennifer not only for beta reading but also some editing too. Her feedback is thorough, concise and to the point, while staying constructive and encouraging. I highly recommend Jen as a great support system to any author.

Denise A Agnew, Author

Jennifer Tovar's Beta Reading skills really helped me find some trouble spots in my manuscript and brought some things to my attention I never would have noticed otherwise. Thank you Jennifer!

M.J. Morphis, Author

I wasn’t sure what an editor actually did until I had Gypsy Heart Editing (Jennifer) edit an excerpt from my very first book.  I have to say that she went above and beyond my expectations.  When I wrote my excerpt I was not very confident in my writing, but by the final edit I felt my excerpt couldn’t have been better.  Jennifer was the perfect and only person for this job.  She was very professional and prompt.  When making edits or suggestions, she found a way to explain why it needed to be changed or something needed to be added.  I will continue to use Jennifer anytime I need something edited.  If you haven’t used her already, give her a shot.  Trust me, you won’t be sorry.

-M.J. Morphis


Johnny Ramrod, Author and Self Publisher

Old Johnny never believed he needed editing. I mean fuck I’m awesome! So what if you found a few errors in my work if you let that ruin the heat and sexiness of my work that was your problem not mine!

But the tools on Amazon kept complaining about my editing.

One day I finally broke down and looked for an editor. Well I’ll be honest with you, and fuck when is Johnny not honest? I was less than excited about the editing options in my price range but I finally settled on Gypsy Heart Editing.

Damn they made me a believer!

Old Johnny was super impressed by the non judgmental, professional editing services! Now not only does Johnny’s work make everyone hot and bothered but it should also qualify for a damn Pulitzer Prize!!!

-Johnny Ramrod

Aleya Michelle, Author and Publisher of Breaking my Heart

My name is Aleya Michelle and I'm a self published indie author. I came across Gypsy Heart Editing on a local site and contacted them to edit my first book 'Breaking my Heart'. Jennifer Tovar, owner of Gypsy Heart, replied almost instantly and was very professional, helpful and friendly. From the start to finish of my edits I found Jennifer to be patient, kind and very talented. The best part for me was that I was blind going into edits and Jennifer really helped me through my journey and taught me useful tools! I will be using Gypsy Heart Editing for my next two books and more in the future. I highly recommend their service!

-Aleya Michelle

CT Phillips, Author, Gorillas With Scissors Press 

Gypsy Heart Editing (GHE) in general and Jennifer Tovar specifically have been amazing to work with. Quick turnaround time, deep detailed edits, and smart efficient rewrite suggestions seem to be the hallmark of this organization. I took more than 90% of all editorial notes and when I was finished my polished work looked and read a hundred times better.          

I predict that this new and amazing editing service will soon be in high demand. I recommend any Indie Authors or Publishing Houses strongly consider taking GHE under contract. You will NOT be disappointed.

- CT Phillips

Josh Hilden, Owner and Publisher, Gorillas with Scissors Press

No writer should ever be his or her own editor. This is an axiom I’ve believed my entire career and while I’ve done my best to live by it there a have been some very bad editorial decisions in my back catalogue. I have spent the past year looking for a permanent editor who fits me as a writer and me as the Publisher at Gorillas with Scissors Press. Gypsy Heart Editing has been the answer to my prayers. Fast, efficient, and with a command of the English language which leaves me in awe. I highly recommend this company in general and Mrs. Jennifer Tovar in particular. I predict we will be hearing big things from her in the future.

- Josh Hilden