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Types of Editing

Types of editing

Polishing The Stories From Your Heart

What type of editing do you need?

Beta Reading:

I will read your book and offer any suggestions on plot, setting, or character development. I will look for any plot holes that need to be closed. I will also help you brainstorm on any sticking points in your book. This services does not include editing. I will however offer you a discount on editorial services if you choose to have me beta read your book first. All beta reading is done using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word - no exceptions.


This service is not editing. This service should not replace actual editing. I will correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and basic grammar. Higher level issues such as sentence structure, repetitiveness, and advanced grammar correction will require a higher level edit (which is recommended before the proofreading phase). While a proofreader may, at his or her own discretion, comment on plot holes and inconsistencies, content is not covered in a proofread. A proofreader will also not comment on formatting issues. All proofreading is done using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word - no exceptions.

Line Editing:

I will edit your book for content, continuity, and cohesiveness. I will edit for grammar, sentence structure, and story consistency. I will notate any plot holes or story lines that need closing. I will also bring to light any points in your work that need to be clarified. I will make suggestions on word choices if I feel like a different word would better relate to your reader or if it is not consistent with your character. I will never change a major part of your book. All changes made will be purely editorial. If I see any major issues with content (ex. will it pass XYZ publishing site standards?), plot, or character development/back story I will email and discuss this with you during the editing process. All editing is done using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word - no exceptions.

Developmental Editing:

I will read the story with the following focuses in mind: character development, plot, pacing, story arc, description, genre tropes, writing style. Content editing does not include corrections to grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Your returned manuscript will contain comments using Microsoft Word’s commenting function. If necessary you will also receive any additional notes from me regarding manuscript-wide issues.

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